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NextGen is a leading provider of balancing services and equipment to the aerospace industry.

We offer the highest caliber services available, specializing in the balancing of critical components with the most demanding tolerance and repeatability requirements. 

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Balancing Services 

If you are looking to outsource your balancing, whether balancing one part or many, from R&D to full production, our customers know they can rely on us to provide balanced parts that conform to their specifications.

In addition to providing critical tolerance parts balancing services, we also offer custom balance tooling equipment designed for any application, along with field training for your team.

Precision Static and Dynamic Balancing Services

Balancing requirements for aircraft engine rotors are more critical than ever before. Whether it is balancing of fans, compressors, turbines, seals, shafts, gears, sub-assemblies or complete modules, the balancing tolerances associated with today’s cutting-edge engines would have been deemed impossible only a few years ago.

NextGen Balancing was formed to address the ever-expanding balancing needs of the aero-engine industry. Equipped with the highest quality balancing and CNC machining capabilities, we provide our customers with the ultimate in precision static and dynamic balancing services.

Additionally, for those customers wishing to balance their own rotors, we can design and manufacture 21st century balancing tooling, fully tested and approved prior to shipment.

Should your needs include training of personnel, with respect to balancing, process auditing and evaluations, or consulting services to solve your most difficult balancing issues, we can help with these as well.

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