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About NextGen Balancing Technologies


NextGen Balancing Technologies LLC was initially formed to address the increasingly critical balance tooling demands of today’s aerospace industry. NextGen recognized that, while the balancing machines themselves were up to the task, traditional tooling methods were not. We threw out many of industry’s old ideas and began rethinking the entire balancing process with an emphasis on repeatability and ease of use. The result; merely the best tooling available anywhere.

While we began in aerospace, today we work with a diverse array of industries and applications. Automotive, medical, robotics and industrial, are just a sampling of industries we work with. If it spins, we’re interested.

All NextGen tools are thoroughly and meticulously tested to ensure they conform to the needs of the customer. All test data is then provided to our customer for review, prior to shipping.

Balancing Services

Today’s balancing service business grew from our own need for balancing equipment. Many of our customers prefer to outsource their balancing. That’s where we come in. Whether balancing one part or many, from R&D to full production, our customers know they can rely on us to provide balanced parts that conform to their specifications.

With a combined experience of 70 years, the founders of NextGen have extensive pedigrees in balancing. Coming from a diverse set of industries that include automotive, semiconductor, machining and aerospace, enables the NextGen team to view problems from different perspectives. This has resulted in several patents and a fresh light being cast on today’s cutting edge balancing challenges.

Training & Consulting

NextGen has a long history of providing training and consulting services involving balancing. Be it educating personnel as the balancing theory and its application, auditing existing processes to improve performance and efficiency or, assisting a customer with the design of a new product so it can later be suitably balanced, NextGen is ready to help.

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