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The Science of Balancing with Practical Applications

Balancing is a topic associated with every rotating part and assembly, be it the flywheel in a child’s toy or, any of the many rotating components in a jet engine. Unfortunately, the subject is rarely addressed in vocational and engineering curriculums. Even in those few instances when it may be touched upon in a class, it is only given a passing mention.

Much of what is practiced by industry today, with respect to balancing, has either been learned through experience or been passed down from others. What is often lacking, however, is an understanding of the theory behind what may have worked in one case but not another. This lack of balancing insight has caused industry countless delays and expenses.

NextGen’s The Science of Balancing with Applications is the culmination of more than 35 years of training seminars, across many industries. This course provides the attendee a thorough grounding in the theory of balancing with a strong emphasis on real life practical applications. At its conclusion the attendee will have the confidence to make informed decisions when a balancing issue requires attention.

The course is applicable to a broad range of disciplines but, it is strongly advised to include design, process and, quality personnel.

Sample Agenda


NextGen’s balancing theory seminar was well presented and thorough. I would certainly recommend it to others.


Delta TechOps, Atlanta, GA

The balancing seminar far exceeded our expectations. Our attendees benefited from an increased understanding of balancing theory and gained a better appreciation for the importance of the process


Triumpj Gear, Macoumb, MI

Technical References

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We have a large balancing reference library. Let us know if there’s a specific topic you’re interested in.